Private Morgage Insurance (PMI) Removal

Advantage Appraisals, Inc. can help you save money each month! Some of our customers have saved over $100 per month! Thanks to a Federal law passed in 1998, you have the right to eliminate private mortgage insurance (PMI) premiums from your loan payment when you build 20% or more equity in your home. We can provide you with the property value documentation your lender will need, in order to get your private mortgage insurance premiums dropped.

For more information, Click here for complete details, or ask your lender for specific requirements.

Once you think you meet the criteria and if your lender asks you to select an appraiser, give us a call to set up an appointment for the appraisal. We look forward to helping you drop a monthly expense that may be completely unnecessary!

* Remember, paying down your loan balance isn't the only way to increase equity in your home. Appreciating real estate prices and home improvements also have the potential to significantly increase the value of your home's equity.

We serve the NC Triangle area and we are appraisers based out of Wake County, NC. We have been providing real estate appraisals and consulting services since 1990. Besides private mortgage insurance removal, other uses for our appraisal services include: Divorce/ Separation, Estate, Probate, Trust, Insurance, Small Income-producing/Investment properties, REO-Foreclosure, Property Tax Appeal, homeowner Pre-Listing (to set list price), and for Accounting purposes.

We specialize in providing all types of residential appraisal and consulting services for the North Carolina's Triangle area, with primary emphasis in Wake & Durham Counties. Service area also includes limited coverage in the counties of Chatham, Orange, Johnston, Harnett, and Lee Counties (call for details).

We are up-to-date with the best appraisal technology in the industry. We have been utilizing digital imaging and electronic appraisal delivery since 1998. A professional high quality appraisal report can be completed for you quickly. Our typical turn time is approximately one week or less. 2-3 day RUSH appraisal and delivery service is also available for an additional fee (typically $50).

Call us today if you need an appraiser in Wake County, NC or any of the other counties we cover (see NC county coverage areas above).

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